The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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Nicholas Holshouser


Fine Arts and Crafts


Photography, Film


I am a nature and landscape photographer focused on themes of scale, time, and life in Pisgah National Forest

Artist Philosophy / Bio

I wander and what I see and feel I try my best to capture in the way I see and feel it. I prefer to wander in the woods, far off the beaten path. What hasn’t been seen, or is only rarely seen, is most interesting to interact with visually and with only the sounds and smells around me I am not distracted from the seeing.

The wonderous essence of nature, of natural things, of life and death intertwined, is not easily distilled into an image. And who am I to say what is pure and remains, and what is impure and is boiled away in my interpretation. In an image I can only convey color and light, not sound and sense. How then to capture the rest, that which is not reflected light? That is the challenge.

There is a narrative with every picture, how it came to be and why that color and that light became my expression of a place and time. So the image is more that just that moment, it is the moments leading up to it and the moments after it and the moments when others experience the color and light and imbue their own senses to that moment of mine - to make it theirs perhaps. But here I go speaking of a moment of mine when really it is just a moment which I per chance caught still and preserved. That moment may become less or more or nothing outside the place and time of my experience and my expression.

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