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The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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Adair Sanders, Author and Public Speaker


Literary Arts



Author of the Allison Parker Mystery Series, as well as two non-fiction works.

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Sanders is the creator of the riveting and fast-paced Allison Parker Mystery Series. Based loosely on the author\'s 30+ years as a trial lawyer, but quickly moving into the arena of total fiction, the Allison Parker Mysteries will keep the reader turning the page and begging for more. The five books in the series are, in order of publication: As Sick As Our Secrets; What Comes Around; Ashes to Ashes; Suffer the Children; and Wolf.

Sanders is also the author of two non-fiction works: Biologically Bankrupt, a memoir of generational dysfunction, addiction and redemption and Out of the Ashes, A Collection of Essays.

Sanders is an entertaining public speaker and has shared her writing journey with small and large groups.

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