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The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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Jim Meyer


Fine Arts and Crafts




Life sized sculptures of current social interest, produced from society's cast offs. "Leaving the world a neater place."

Artist Philosophy / Bio

The process revolves around two central concepts. These being; There is an inner feature within each object which reveals itself only to those willing to expend the energy and open mindedness to search, and the concept that art forms do not need to be constructed of pure materials with highly polished surfaces, they may instead be constructed of common things and even societies cast offs.
Growing up in the central Midwest, provided opportunities for many drives through the Ozarks. The memory which was always most vivid upon my return home, was of the ramshackle cabin in the woods, with over-turned cars in the front, one or more wheels spinning slowly in the breeze, and a stream of cast off materials winding down the hill behind. The stream was mostly tin cans, attempting to merge once again with the earth that was their original home. The stream would occasionally be punctuated with larger items such as stoves, refrigerators, wash pans, iceboxes and ringer washing machines.
Resorting to a universal or innate idea, that “everyone can and should attempt to leave everything they touch, in better condition than whey they found it,” made the process both simple and satisfying. Working from a rural setting with a keg of beer available to all visitors as long as they provided parts, ideas and artistic criticism, the process moved forward.
General design sketches provided the insight in to which items might best portray the individual body parts of the beast. The Allosaurus was made using the oil pan from a Chevy straight six welded over the oil pan from a Chevy V8 for a head. Early small block Ford V8 intake manifolds mated back to back formed the neck. A Chevy straight six including bell housing from a dump truck formed the body. The tail was a small four-speed truck transmission mated to the rear axle of a Lincoln, with brake pads for the scales. Suburban lower A frames mated with Eldorado front suspension components formed the thighs. The front legs are formed from GM automotive diesel starter motor rotors with torsion bar arms for fingers.
The process provides a two-way communication of imagination. The first is in the selection of the components to project a meaning of something other than a pile of junk, and the second is the open mindedness of the viewer to both see the objects with in each piece and the final life sized object.
It is hoped that the viewer will enjoy the creation as it moves in their mind from junk to beast and back again.

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