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Billy Smith


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My Art style is called Reality Fantasy it has Elements of illustration/photo realism/fantasy combined

Artist Philosophy / Bio

About Billy Smith

I Am an Artist that has been referred to as "God taught". A title I carry with much conviction. With out any former training from a Prestigious art school, I have managed over the last 7 years to develop myself as an well sought after artist. It all began in my early years with just doodles and copying things that I seen around in nature. Over time I began to really develop my love for listening and playing music which also began Influencing my art. Art for me is a way of life; it's a way that I can interact with the soul deep inside people. I have created an art style that I like to call "Reality-Fantasy." Sometimes I try to capture the true essence of a persons outer image, other times I let their spirit speak from within and attempt to bring the message I receive to life.

The woods is my institution and God is my professor

The only technical training that I have had is an advanced placement class at Brevard High School under Sean Parrish in 1994-98. He really pushed me to pursue Art as a career, he saw something in my art that I was too blind to see at that time in my life. His class was nothing short than college level as he was advancing us with the knowledge and skills that we would need to go to the next level. Even though I did not pursue art directly after high school his teaching and methods never left my side. Art became my escape from reality for a while. When I didn't like or accept the way the world was going around me I would pull out some paper and create a world that I could agree with. Practice be came the key, in my moments of escape I began to develop the photographic side of my mind. Images that I would see in my minds eye I would project them out on paper and breath life into them. All I ever heard from others was "You need to go to Art school, you need to go to Art school!" The woods is my institution and God is my professor I personally do not believe that the amount of credentials make the artist. its your heart dedication and work ethic that will allow you to achieve greatness. God has given me a gift and I feel that it is my obligation to use it to better the world around me. I have now came to this conclusion, That only God can get the credit for all my work because according to this world I do not have the proper amount of schooling to do what I do. After being told time and time again that I would never make it as an artist, I have been driven to be the best that God has created me to be. An amazing Topiary Artist Pearl Fryar told me "Never let anyone tell you what you are supposed to do and what you are supposed to be!" words of wisdom that I will pass on to all I encounter.I am now known for my skill at portrait art, illustration, airbrushing, rock painting, murals, and tattoo design. I have been commissioned by many music venues and business for logos, paintings etc... I paint to release messages from my spirit that my soul may speak long after I'm gone. I want all who view my art to know and understand the existence of God through love, passion, and perseverance that I pour into my work.

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