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The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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Emily Mehta


Fine Arts and Crafts


Sculpture, Metal Work, Woodwork, Printmaking, Other


Installation, sculpture, printmaking, drawing. Transformation of such found objects as salvage wood, discarded rubber, steel, fiber, and hardware. I push material through stitching, welding, and other types of mark-making.

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Davidson College 2011, B.A. Visual Art

I am learning how breathing is kin to sculpture. At a very basic level, it is through breath that we first engage in space. Within that sensibility my work pushes material, process, and growth. I am drawn to materials found on hand.

How does the making, unmaking, and remaking of an object inform its extant surface and history?

Because we share space, it is important that we try to understand what builds our world. Both screws and stitches, for example, signify utility. They function to join. But what happens when you start drawing with a drill? I am only beginning to understand.

Although handling material sets in motion transformation of the found object in an important way, ultimately my sculpture points right back to the screws or floor beams from which I started. I very much enjoy investigating the back and forth relationship between that which is found and that which becomes. Released from its form, when does the rubber from an inner tube reclaim itself?

For me, making and then engaging with sculpture is very closely related to mindfulness of breath. It is one entry into some of those in-between spaces.

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