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The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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David Day


Fine Arts and Crafts




Photography in all its forms - landscape art, abstract visions, portraiture, commercial print and display, event photography

Artist Philosophy / Bio

"...The artistís work is to view the world around them with an emotional connection to their subject, and then report their perspective through a visual metaphor within their artwork for their feelings towards the subject... When more than one viewer is able to perceive a sense of feeling through an artistís work, the artist has created a language within that work connecting humans through intuitive perception."
©2006 Pete Myers - "From the Big House, to the Outhouse"

______________________________________________________________________________ < This is the spirit of my artistic drive: whether this "emotional connection" is with the beauty of nature or with my client or subject as a person, this communication begins the creative process for me.

From an early age (7yrs) I felt compelled to make pictures. I printed my first contact sheet at age 10. My love for the art continued through raising a family, and building a left-brain career in technology sales and management. With the advent of digital capture equipment, I have been captivated by the joy of marrying my love of photography with the left-brain needs of the craft.

My work has been published in North Carolina magazines (Smoky Mountain Living, Our State) and I have many satisfied clients in the WNC area.

Please visit my website to view my portfolio - or contact me directly for more specific requests.

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