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Halina Bochynek


Literary Arts




I am a writer. I write for children an young adults. I want to inspire personal growth.

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Hello, my name is Halina Bochynek, I am a writer, and a story teller.
My message is an old one, but one that's worth repeating; For every action, there is a reaction and a consequence...
Also, there is good all around us... We just need to slow down and discover it:)

My first published book is "A Beagle's Tale".

Now, a little bit about me:  
I was born in a large city,but grew up in a small town in Poland. I attended all levels of my schooling there, including the pursuit of my degree in the field of Pedagogy. My college education was put into good use during my time working in an orphanage. I met my husband at a summer camp in Poland. We finished our education and were married in 1980. We left Poland in October 1981 because of the impending martial law. We lived in Austria for 13 months, and that's where our first daughter was born. In November of 1982, we moved to the United States, to a small town, Hendersonville, NC. It felt like home from the day we arrived, because we received a warm welcome and immediate support from members of our sponsor, St. James Episcopal Church. These church members, 26 years ago, are our dearest friends today. Hendersonville is where our second daughter was born. This is where we raised both of our daughters and where my husband started his own business. I had the opportunity to keep working with young children, first at St. James School for Little Folks, and then in a Head Start Program. We now live in Pisgah Forest, Transylvania County, in a house surrounded with enough land to accommodate our menagerie of “extra family members”- our horses, dogs, cats, and ducks. Being born in very industrial environment, I used to have dreams of open, green fields with horses roaming around. It seems, I am living my dream.

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