The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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Laura Winzeler Designs


Fine Arts and Crafts




Elegant, whimsical and functional pique assiette and mixed media mosaic pieces using china, pottery, transferware and vintage jewelry.

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Welcome! I've been creating whimsical and elegant, one-of-a-kind mosaics for over a 15 years and am delighted to be living in Brevard -- one of the most artistically inspiring regions of the country.

My strong obsession with color began in childhood, but the impulse to express it in a concrete way was thwarted. I cannot draw, paint, or sketch to save my life. The mosaics provide me with a very satisfying and forgiving outlet for my color fetish in a concrete, physical-world way.

The primary inspiration for my pieces comes from the materials themselves -- deeply saturated American pottery like Bauer, Fiesta and Franciscan; intricate and elegant china transferware patterns from 1800s England; a particular vintage broach that rocks my world. I am also guided by what I know and intuit about the intended recipient if it's a custom piece.

Lately, great inspiration is found in my jewelry mosaic pieces. What a creative palate cleanser they have been for me -- one of the most exciting phases of my work yet. Playing with all the shiny pieces of jewelry has tapped into a very exuberant part of me.

I welcome custom work so please feel free to contact me to explore ideas for co-creating a very special treasure for your home or gifts for loved ones. May you find joy and inspiration in this colorful and dynamic, always-evolving art form!

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