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Buddy Mix




Popular, Singer, Songwriter, Various, Jazz, New Age, World Music


Composer singer/songwriter vocal instructor

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Thoughts about Dreams
Buddy Mix

Perhaps as Daniel says, the brain is simply a simulator. Sound, images and the like are simulated in our brains during sleep. However, Iíve heard it said that life itself is the simulation. The images and sounds we see and hear in our dreams are being projected into the physical world we live in. In other words, when one examines the creation of things in this world they are first thoughts. These thoughts ďcome to usĒ and we manifest them into being, inside the simulator we call life.

To dream or not to dream, that is the question, for me. Lately, Iíve been trying to put more effort into understanding this phenomenon called dreaming. Dreaming is a daily occurrence and yet I havenít paid enough attention to it. For the most part dreams are discounted as unreal, unimportant, just the mind churning around in a sleep state. But what if dreams are something more and Iím missing the messages being given to me?

In the REM (Rapid eye movement) state scientist have shown that we slip into dreams to process the thoughts or emotions we have been experiencing. But I truly believe there are times when itís something more than just the mind flushing out thoughts on itís own, within itself. There are times the mind awakes to realize the reality beyond the physical form. Times when we surrender our physical and allow ourselves to hear the call of the spirit within, without, and all around us, everywhere. Such it is with the song "No Greater Reward" One morning I awoke in such a state and heard just the beginning melody and words, "I'd do it all". From there I went on to finish the thought with "Give you everything I have, it's for you...." Whereever the idea came from I hope you like how I continued it in this here and now.

These metaphysical experiences are all around us like whispers and on occasion communicate to us, through us, in dreams. When I wake from a deep dream state and realize I have been enveloped in a state of sound that is crystal clear stereo, hi-fi, unconditional beauty, I know it is something beyond my consciousness. I know it is the more of life, the spirit of life, another form of life, making suggestions, helping me along. I know when this happens I have entered the life beyond the physical. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, I enter this zone, this space, this life outside the simulator, and when that occurs, which is rare, I am truly honored.

Itís been fun to see the responses to my query and Iím so grateful for them. Brigette suggests that we are all vibrations, frequencies and are simply hearing more of who we are when we are touched by dreams. C would have us go out and buy a brain amplifier or grow one organically, (in the yard of our grey matter I suppose). SolarTemple says itís because ďyour brain is an amp!Ē And Avatar profoundly states, ďI never feel that i make music but that music is somehow made through me !!Ē Jurgen says ďI think the brain is a kind of biological computer - so why shouldn't the software have an audio plug-in?Ē Iíd say, yes to that, but whereís the information coming from? Is it self contained only? Or are there outside influences? I suppose for all of us there are outside influences as individual as a the DNA strands we are made of.

Dayna says, ďItís acoustic music Buddy, no amplification is needed.Ē Now that really made me sit back and think. Iíd have to disagree because I think Iíve heard rock music in my dreams that wasnít purely acoustic, though most of the time Iíd have to admit Dayna is right. Iíll be more aware on that thought.

People donít question a radio or television signal. They simply turn it on and expect it to appear, even though they canít see it. So, it isnít too far of a stretch to believe that the body is a ďbiologicalĒ radio to unseen information around us. Information we tune in or out, but still there, all the same. All of us have a relationship with the spirit and perhaps a direct connection through our dreams, by what ever name we choose to call it. I believe, even those of us who deny a relationship to God, Goddess, all that is; that that is a relationship, as sad as that may be.

I want to thank you all for encouraging me to continue in my quest to find out ďWhy do I hear music in my dreams, when thereís no amplifier in my brain?Ē I hope you will continue to help me find the answer and give your interpretation to this phenomenon in my blog at

Yours in song,
Buddy Mix

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