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Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil


Literary Arts




Thirteen years in creation, "Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil" is the first of seven novels. J. S. Clark's novel is mythology for humanity stumbling into a new millennia.

Artist Philosophy / Bio

J.S. Clark, "It began as a journey into the depths of a madman's mind, a delusional slide into the unknowing. How such a slide can trigger random violence and beautiful moments of terror and joy can only be described as sublime.

"Taking inspiration from my recurring nightmares as a child, fueled by religious intolerance in today's world and assimilating my personal experiences, I continued my journey and discovered I had far more to say than could be expressed in a single novel.

"What began as an analysis of my deep inner frustrations for the world, my feelings of love, loathing, enlightenment and sorrow, so "Parallel Earth" was born. Emerging from shadow stained revery and blinding deceit, I recognized mystic, untold realizations of humanity. After years of reconciling with the scope of my endeavor, I have moved beyond my fears to deliver, "Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil."

"I believe it will be the most gruesome and horrific story told on a spiritual level. And though it is expressed in a fictional manner, there lurks a hauntingly resonate truth; my story is not fictional in the least, but a direct reflection of the spiritual enlightenment and downward spiral of humanity."

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