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The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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cosmic gregg and the realities




Singer, Songwriter, Spiritual, New Age, World Music, Rock


unique and melodic music from rock to the earthy native and eastern sounds

Artist Philosophy / Bio

Music and Arts: We as humans started expressing ourselves in these manners long before math and science came along. We can date the arts back to the time of the cave dwellers, some believe beyond this point. It is truly our first language and still at most a universal language to this day. No matter what ones belief is about how things came about, there is a song, picture or crafted items that are held dear to each individual that stirs their soul to its depths. Thus is the power of the arts.
I am a firm believer in the written and spoken word through song and tones and just how it affects our bodies. Years ago I got to witness these things truly for the first time and was sold on it. I then began to study for my own music how I could affect the hearts of others and myself through the usage of vowels and certain keys and notes with my instruments and voice. For those who want to hear, the changes are within us and can be brought about by these tones. It is never to late to listen and hear the small voice within us that tell us how far back and real this magical essence can be for the individual. ~Gregg~

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