The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

The Arts Directory Of Transylvania County, NC

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About Us

Transylvania County is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. The beauty of this area has been the fertile ground for our thriving arts community. Late in 2007 the Transylvania Community Arts Council, along with the NC Tourism office, brought together many individuals involved in the arts here to form a new entity whose purpose is to promote all of the arts in our County. That entity is called Transylvania Arts Promotion ("TAP"). It is composed of individual artists, musicians, writers, performers, and representatives from the Transylvania Community Arts Council, Brevard Music Center, The Porter Center for the Performing Arts, Brevard Little Theatre, Heart of Brevard, Brevard Chamber of Commerce, Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority, arts organizations, arts businesses, and venues that host the arts.

And, while our area is known throughout the country as a "Vibrant Arts Hub", the first thing TAP wanted to do was create a "Virtual Arts Hub": one place where a visitor or resident could get all the information about all the arts here in our area. Through a grant from the Transylvania County Tourism Development Authority and funds from the Transylvania Community Arts Council, the website was created. Its goal is to include all serious artists, emerging as well as world renowned, all arts venues, and all arts events from this County.

For questions about the arts in Transylvania County or to Donate, please contact:

The Transylvania Community Arts Council
Phone: 828.884-2787
Or email:

The TC Arts Council would like to thank all of those who have made TAP possible. Thanks to: Lessa Brandon, Tammy Hopkins, Joan VanOrman, Carol Dodson, Sue Hershey, Patricia Travis, Joe Narsavage, Lynne Warner, Gary Heisey, Patti Black, and representatives from the Brevard Music Center, the Porter Center for the Performing Arts, Chamber of Commerce, the Heart of Brevard, and all the artists and arts organizations that have bought into the concept of promoting ALL ARTS in the County.

We would also like to thank the TAP web team, who through many hours of volunteer work created this site: Paula Wesley, Candace Thompson, Karen Alcorn, Sue Hershey, and Tammy Hopkins. Thanks to Jack Christfield and Sue Hershey for some of the photos used in the site. And many kudos go to our web designer Adam Khoury at